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 German Shepherd Males

Snug van Meerhout IPO3


OFA Good Hips/Elbows

Stud Fee: $2500



DOB 6-22-2011


"Snuggie's" German Shepherd Pedigree 



Kash Du Triangle Magique IOP3







Hugo von der Nordsee


(Family Companion)

Stud Fee: $2500

OFA Prelim Good Hips/Elbows




Xander von den Wilden Teufeln

(Family Companion)

Stud Prospect, stay tuned!







Reference Males


"Bishop" owned by Andy Deitz

Bishop's  Pedigree


"Grim" Belmont, MA  Police Dept


Retained Breeding rights

Grael vom GrimOrkie Sch2, PDC

 Hip/Elbow X-rays OFA Good

DOB 7-4-2010

Black Sable/Red Pigment

"Grim's" German Shepherd Pedigree

Grim's newspaper article



Ransom von NordOsten


OFA Good Hips/Elbows

Family Companion


German Shepherd Puppies







Sheep Herding

Police K-9

Drug Detection

Explosive Detection

Cadaver Dog

Search and Rescue

Service Dog

Blind Guide Dog


Sled Dog


Andreas Mueller SV

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