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"Classic in appearance, our jacks are especially short with a compact build. Kind and mild in temperament, our Jack Russells live harmoniously with  dogs, cats,  horses, and children... their favorite playmate! We raise our jacks in our home as treasured family members."  Brigitte Pelouze & family


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 Short Legged Jack Russells

Our jacks are short legged, mild mannered, joyful, affectionate, and loyal family companions.


We are among the select breeders here in America who strive to breed a well-balanced, level-headed Jack Russell under the height of 10 inches, the "Old Fashioned Jack Russell." 

All of our puppies come with a health and temperament guarantee. Our priority is to ensure our puppies' happiness... and yours!

 Simon & Schuster's guide to Jack Russells

How is the classic Jack  Russell different from the AKC Parson Russell Terrier?

Yes, it's true, we're different! We are the "old fashioned" jack russells, known for our calmer temperament and brawny physique! The American Kennel Club (AKC) standard for Jack Russell Terriers, now named the Parson Russell Terrier, calls for a height between 12-14 inches.  Our tallest Jack is 10 inches. The AKC has changed the "old breed standard",  which we are trying to preserve. Our guarantee

Expert Mudders

Our short legged jack russells are not registered; they are too short to meet the AKC standard. At this time, we breed for companionship, not for show. Visit www.EJRTCA.com to read more about short legged jacks!


Got Jacks?

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Who said we don't like cats?

We love the water!

Brigitte & Scotty Fidelity 2009

"Tiger" & our chickens

Herman & Awluv

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 Jack Russell Breeders


Short  Legged & Mild Mannered

6-30-2015 We are breeding again!

Slugger, Giddy-up, & Bam-Bam, Fox Hill's next generation of smoothies!

Male shorty for sale:

Should mature 9-10 inches approx 10-12lbs!




Max & Yogi

Go Lorcan go, we're so proud of you!


"Buddy" 13 years young


   "Slugger", one of our handsome studs

"Nike"                                       "Buddy" & "Maggie"

Summer Fun


Scotty and Chico
Chico & Scotty's last day together at the beach (click here to view his videos)

Family Fun Jack Russell Photos-click images to enlarge


We hope you enjoy viewing our pictures as much as we enjoy taking them!

 Jack Russell Photo Gallery

Fox Hunting Photographs

Vermont Summer Festival Scotty &  Brigitte



Back from the Maryland Junior Hunt Cup at Shawan Downs!
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